Designathon 2019:

Pepper Canyon Mobility Hub

Young Planners’ Society’s first year efforts have addressed the question of how to encourage active participation and pride in the spaces we live in. Through the creation of the Pepper Canyon Mobility Hub Designathon, over 230 students and 60 regional professionals from all disciplines were able to come together and share solutions for the design of the new campus trolley station. The Designathon was a joint effort with the Design Lab, the Urban Studies and Planning Program, Campus Planning, and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). Planning for the Designathon began in August, and the 2 day event during Week 1 of April 2019 provided the space for over 30 teams to share their the trolley station with the project’s leaders. The Young Planners’ Society aims to establish Designathon as a tradition that occurs during each campus construction project, and to ensure that students have a space to provide input on the future design of campus spaces and facilitate pride in their community



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Stay tuned for the next Deisgnathon!